Lee Ann and Mike’s wedding

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Lee Ann and Mike’s wedding

A special day in Kalamazoo, Michigan USA…

It was a truly happy moment to be able to participate in Lee Ann and Mike’s wedding in Kalamazoo.  Here are some pictures from the ceremony.  I think everyone agrees that there’s no need for priests, complicated rituals, expensive gowns and lavish parties to produce a beautiful wedding, the simple is almost always the most beautiful.


Bort med sorg och bitterhet, oro och bekymmer.
Denna plats blott lustbarhet, lek och kärlek rymmer.
Låt oss endast glädjas här, nöjet blott är vår affär.
Älska av förnuftet är eder föreskrivet,
om man ej vore kär, ack, vad vore livet!


Do away with sorrow and bitterness, worries and anxiousness.
This place is filled with pleasure, play and love.
Let us enjoy ourselves, pleasure is what matters.
To love by sense is what is ordained,
if you were not in love, ay, what would life be.


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  1. It was much more perfect than it could have been without you. Thank you so much for being with us and for the wonderful photos.

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